“SERBIA 2017”


International sports and creative camp “SERBIA 2017” aims to encourage each child to seek the real values such as love, attention, companionship, fair play and promote healthy work habits through the well-organized activities. The camp aims to through sport, culture and art for children closer to the concept of the true values of life and thus enable them to connect with the children in this region.

This has a positive impact on the psycho-physical development of children as well as the founding of true values which monitors social maturing and learning. The camp also has a positive impact on the company and the development of competitive spirit among students.

Camp is designed for children from 9 – 16 years. The number of participants is from 22 – 38.


  • Preparation for life in society by the rules;
  • Integration of their own borders;
  • Communication;
  • Hanging out;
  • Development of new skills;
  • Participation;
  • Making their own choices;
  • Decision-making;
  • Taking responsibility;
  • Listening;
  • Respect;
  • Accepting differences without judgment;
  • Development of attention to health;
  • Discovery pleasures of life in the community;
  • Solidarity;
  • Raising awareness of environmental protection.


International sports and creative camp “SERBIA 2017” will take place in following towns:
1. Belgrade – capital of Serbia,
2. Divčibare Mountains – Mountain range, located 100 km from Belgrade.
Camp will be held in period from June the 1st to September the 31st.


The main languages of the camp will be English and Serbian.
Translators for another languages can be arranged.


“MY CAMP – My new value” brochure will be sent to each child upon finishing the camp. It will include a description of all the facilities of the camp with various activities, as well as photos on CD (each parent is required to sign the questionnaire consent to photo, name and surname of his child appears in the Yearbook).

The brochure will find adventures occurred at the camp by ordinary activities and a small guest book dedicated to us by children.



Transfer (transport) of the participants is made of quality busses. Accommodation is in high quality double and triple rooms with bathrooms in hotels with 3 / 4 stars. Each participant has provided three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) + 2 snacks (fruit cocktail and a sweet dessert).
Each participant receives a kit of sports equipment (the official T-shirt and sweatpants camp – the upper part).
Constant (24 time) control of the camp participants by trained personnel – professor of physical education, sports coaches, psychologists, medical workers (physiotherapists).
Host and guides are also provided for all destinations – excursions, camping, city tour, visit to the farm.
Sports instructors with excellent skills are also provided for all 7 sports – athletics, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, gym, water sports.
Swimming lessons for swimmers and non-swimmers are also included in the price.
Theme evenings will be organized.
Free leisure activities like ping-pong, pinball, billiards, table football internet are also included.
Number of adults per group can not exceed 20 persons. Children will be accompanied by 7 teachers.


Camp will include one-day excursions to one of the near mountains (Maljen, for example).
Forest picnic will also be organized for all of the participants.
Tour to the farm and active participation in the work in it – vintage of fruit, mowing of the grass, exploring domestic animals will also be additional content for one day.
One evening GRILL will be organized and children will participate in it.
Sightseeing tour of Belgrade is also included in camp content. Childer will see Ušće, Kalemegdan, Knez Mihailova Street and the two most popular Serbian sports collectives – Partizan and Red Star.


Types of sports that we organize preparations for are: