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Our idea is to present Serbia in a few texts – the country of sport as a potential destination for your team’s next preparations.

So, how to start the story of a sporting country, apart from presenting its basic geographical elements?

Serbia is a country located in Southeast Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula and in Central Europe, more precisely in the Pannonian Plain. Serbia borders on the north with Hungary, in the east with Romania and Bulgaria, in the south with Macedonia and Albania, and in the west with Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade. The northern part of the Republic occupies the plain, and in the southern parts there are hills and mountains.

There are over 15 mountain peaks above 2,000 meters above sea level, and the highest peak is Djeravica with a height of 2,656 meters. In Serbia, moderate continental climate prevails. The mountain relief of Serbia explains the appearance of many canyons, gorge and caves (Resavska cave, Ceremosnja, Risovaca …), and additional beauty provides the richness of exceptionally preserved forests with many endemic species, as well as the richness of water, streams, springs, pastures etc. .

The waterways are the Danube (588 km), Sava (206 km), Tisa (168 km) and partly Velika Morava (185 km). The other great rivers are Western Morava (308 km), South Morava (295 km), Ibar (272 km), Drina (220 km) and Timok (202 km). The largest lake in Serbia is Djerdapsko jezero with 163 km² (with Romanian part: 253 km²).

Serbia has 5 national parks: Djerdap, Kopaonik, Tara, Shar-Mountain and Fruska Gora. All national parks have high climatic and health and recreational values.
Serbia is a country of nature and natural beauties, rivers and lakes, spas and mountains.


In Serbia there are some of the most beautiful scenes in Europe. The true tourist wealth of Serbia lies in the diversity of the offer and the magic that every year brings with it.

Keeping all this in mind – it’s no wonder that some of the best athletes in the world are from this area.

Hence, Serbia is known as the land of sport.

But about it, more words in one of the following texts.